Parallels Server for Mac Pricing

Fresh from my inbox..

Parallels Server for Mac will be available soon. As a thank you to all participating Parallels Server for Mac Beta users, Parallels is offering an exclusive discount on a single Parallels Server for Mac license. Purchase this new software for only $700* – a 30% savings.

Hmm… well, the product has been working fairly well for us at OpenRain, but I’m not sure $700 per major version is going to be worth it as opposed to buying another cheap Dell machine and running VMWare Server on Linux for free, which we already do in some of our hosted environments. Here’s the kicker in tiny font at the bottom of the email explaining the asterisk after “$700”..

The limited-time discount offer is limited to a single server from May 30 – June 30, 2008. Annual maintenance is required at the time of purchase, starting at an additional $249.75 per year. For academic pricing and volume licensing, register now or contact Parallels Sales at +1 (425) 282-6400.

So that’s $950 for the first year of our first system alone. Hmmmm… 

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I don’t understand your comment…Parallels Server for Mac will be the ONLY product on the market to virtualize the Apple XServe. There are no alternatives–sure you can but a Dell with VMware Server for Linux but that is not a direct comparison to an XServe with Parallels Server for Mac…Parallels Server for Windows/Linux isn’t even out yet and we don’t know if the pricing will be same. I doubt it would.

Totally agree that the Dell + VMWare + Linux option isn’t a direct comparison… it’s a shame we don’t have any other (serious) options for Leopard Server right now, though I’m sure this will change.

The precedent for pricing scares me though. I doubt that many small companies will bite at this price point.

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