DrugBank 4

DrugBank 4 for OS X is coming!

Import the official DrugBank database of 7,500+ detailed, maintained drug data records into your own personal library. Create your own records, update and remove the existing ones to create your personal database of pharmaceuticals and chemical agents. Quickly search for drugs by name, and update multiple records concurrently.

Standards compliant.

DrugBank 4 imports the latest DrugBank XML v4 standard and is fully interoperable with other compliant tools and script. _DrugBank 4_ imports the majority of possible fields recognized by the standard.

Start your database today.

The official DrugBank data set is free to download, though we do not include these .xml files by default both to honor their licensing terms and keep the application size small. You may freely download the full DrugBank data set directly from:


DrugBank 4 is an independent software product and is not affiliated with the Canadian Institutes of Health Research.