Marketplace Server

The world’s first commercial-grade, standards-based application publication and distribution server for healthcare applications.

When Preston Lee wrote the open source HL7 Marketplace API specification, EHRs controlled distribution of 3rd-party applications. Today, Marketplace Server untethers applications from platform vendors by implementing the only software and hardware-neutral application catalog and distribution platform.


When you deploy Marketplace Server, you immediately get:

  • Interactive public cataloging of distributable products, filterable by technology type and category.
  • Curation dashboard for full administrative control of listings.
  • Robust product sales licensing model supporting:
    • site licenses
    • time-based expiry
    • usage-based constraints
    • open source software.
  • Single sign-on (SSO) for user access.
  • Dynamic user product authorization for digital rights management, out-of-band billing, and usage tracking.
  • Developer API using REST and JSON.
  • Ability to launch trial product instances.
  • Flexible access controls for curation team management.
  • True application platform neutrality, agnostic to technology vendor and programming language.

The only thing Marketplace Server isn’t neutral about is interoperable products. Those are required.

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