Netgear FVS114 – Worst POS SOHO Router Ever

Some of the worst infrastructural issues OpenRain has had since inception has been border hardware. We’ve been through all typical COTS models you’d find at Best Buy, but all have had issues with at least one of..

  • Dropping inbound traffic due to some stupid “DDoS Protection” feature we couldn’t disable.
  • Not passing VPN traffic though to an internal server.
  • Crashing.

But this latest POS–the Netgear FVS114–really takes the cake. Check it..

  1. Log in to
  2. Visit
  3. Listen for the sound of everyone simultaneously screaming “WTF!? The ‘net’s down!”

We’ve reproduced this issue with FireFox and Safari from multiple machines inside the network. Way to go, Netgear! (Might want to get on this one.) I’ll be buying some real hardware online in about 15 minutes.



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just slap 2 network cards in a small form factor pc and install pfsense or m0n0wall.

The only issue with that is the time and experience it takes to maintain/change the thing. When it comes to OpenRain, time is so short right now that I would rather throw my wallet at the problem than spend the extra hours for the home-grown approach. Would be fun to finally use the Soekris for something though 🙂

Ditto! Same exact issues!

After 20 hours on the phone with Netgear technicians I finally got them to admit that they don’t support 64-bit operating systems! Tech suggested I install VM Ware, XP, and switch from ARD to something else… Does anyone have any suggestions about a rock solid VPN Router to use with Mac OS Leopard and Apple Remote Desktop 3.0?

Thanks for any suggestions!

P.S. All of this after I installed the firmware update to 1.15 as recommended!

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