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Amazon Kindle Customer Service Experience

Kindle 2 with M-Edge Leather Platform Jacket and optional e-Luminator 2 book light.

About a month ago I noticed the top of my Kindle 2’s e-ink display starting to go out. Starting from the top of the screen, row-by-row slowly ceased to display “ink” until I could no longer see the battery indicator area. I could surely have lived with this, but given that the device is less than a year old I gave the Kindle support number a call.

I purchase a lot from Amazon and have used pretty much every service they offer, including long-time Prime delivery service membership and I’m fairly certain that my Amazon book purchases would put me in their 99th percentile of perfered consumers–so perhaps the call handler knew to treat me better than the average Joe–but regardless, the process was a true 5-star experience. Abbreviated transscript of the call:

Me: The screen on my Kindle 2 is going out.

Rep: I’m very sorry to hear that. <additional scripted apologies designed to make me feel better> How about we overnight you a replacement?

Me: Srsly?

Rep: Sure. It’ll be delivered tomorrow morning.

Me: Sweet!

And that was it. The replacement arrived the next morning as stated. It took me less than 5 minutes total to deal with the issue. For a unit of anything under warrantee this is the level of service I would hope for. Bravo, Amazon!

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Today, May 19, Amazon billed me for Tom Clancy’s “Red Target” but I returned the book immediately after I erroneously entered buy. I was not credited for returning the book.

Just a few minutes ago, I bought Tom Clancy’s “Dead or Alive” but the transmission encountered some problems so I tried buying again and was told the transmitted copy was archived. The book is not in archives!


Sorry, I meant Tom Clancy’s “The teeth of the Tiger”. Please disregard my comment on “Dead or Alive”. I want to bury “The Teeth of the Tiger” but I keep getting a message that the book has been transmitted but I have yet to get it.

Thank you!

@Inocencio E. Gonzalez Jr.

In that case, I’d suggest to contact Amazon customer service. They’ll be able to help you with it.

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