iPhone Developers May Now Speak… Almost

Apple announced this morning that the NDA preventing developers from holding open development discussions will be lifted. While details of the new agreement are not yet available, we are already beginning to see changes in the iPhone development landscape. Details on the first Phoenix iPhone Developer Group meeting will be announced tomorrow morning on the OpenRain blog!

Publishers are also rejoicing, as many have been effectively sitting on completed books in anticipation of today. iPhone SDK Development by The Pragmatic Programmers is already available for immediate electronic download, and an O’Reilly representative has informed me that O’Reilly Media has just released iPhone Forensics.

It begins.

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it beings: the android phones are coming! the android phones are coming!

long live Android!

I’m very excited for Android, as well. I think I’ll pass on the G1 but may try a later version. I keep contacts, calendar items etc. in the standard OS X apps, so it just makes sense for me to go with the iPhone. I *do* use gmail, however, and I’m sure the Android series will have much tighter integration with the popular Google webapps.

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