Request For Invention: Ultimate Skype Conference Phone

Attention IPEVO: Go ahead and bill me for one of these Skype conference phones as soon as you meet this feature set.

  • Clear voice quality with good range and crosstalk reduction. (Duh.) At least as good as that popular Polycom model everyone uses.
  • Color LCD and interface like the SOLO, but with a few conferencing features. (Actually, go ahead and add those conferencing features to the solo as well. It needs some! If Skype doesn’t allow for this, I’ll pay a minimal monthly fee for a 3rd party integration.)
  • Bluetooth pairable with OS X, with a tolerable amount of latency when used wirelessly. No special drivers must be used for this.
  • Ethernet port (and LAN pass-through) just like the SOLO for computer-free operation.
  • USB port for wired laptop operation. Special drivers are OK here, but I don’t want to have to run some special app in the forground to use basic features.
  • Optional: Power-over-ethernet operation. Add $20 for this feature.
  • Optional: Clustered operation. Add $20 for this feature.
  • Optional: Network discovery and AirTunes support. Add $20 for this feature.
  • Optional: Gigabit ethernet with four extra switch ports. Add $40 for this feature.

You may charge me up to $250 for one unit (plus extras), which includes all cables neatly packagable in a box that can be used for transport. Thanks!

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