Ruby Search Bookmarklet For

Marc Chung put up a quick Ruby documentation search site recently: Here a quick little bookmarklet for your Ruby searching needs. (Drag it to your toolbar.)

Ru8y Search


Marc Chung on Amazon Web Services


Mad props to fellow OpenRain’r Marc Chung for an excellent AWS presentation at this months Phoenix Rails meeting. Follow-up links..

Great job, Marc!

computer personal

Photos: One Laptop Per Child (OLPC)

Here’s Marc on his new OLPC laptop, which he received for a generous donation. It has a surprising amount of functionality packed inside that adorable green exterior, and found all the local WiFi hotspots immediately. Mega philanthropic props to Marc and all involved. Full resolution shots are available on Flickr._mg_9867.jpg_mg_9870.jpg_mg_9871.jpg_mg_9873.jpg



Rails 2.0: Gmail SMTP With ActionMailer

Marc just checked in a nifty little Rails 2.0 plugin to the OpenRain public subversion repository which encapsulates the voodoo required to use a Gmail SMTP server with an otherwise ordinary ActionMailer configuration. Gmail requires TLS security, which is why this is useful. Grab the plugin for your Gmail-mooching Rails 2.0 site, here.

Note: I previously wrote about how to do this for Rails 1.2.x here.

Update (2008.06.25): Broken download link fixed!