New OpenRain Homepage / IE Woes

We never spent a ton of time on the OpenRain homepage, so we decided to shake it up today in response to user feedback. I wanted to make our proposition clearer while keeping the existing brief one-page style, and add some awesome sauce yet stay business friendly. Check it.

As usual, a significant percentage of the development time was spent figuring out a combination of hacks to make IE6/7 render as close to “normal” as possible. Below is a screenshot of how FireFox, Safari and IE6 (from left to right) lay out the floating divs and images after a couple hours of IE-specific work. Three stupidity points are awarded to IE for the following reasons..

  1. The scrolling film strip at the top is completely disabled for IE because IE6 insists on reloading a CSS background-image if you change its background-position programmatically in JavaScript.
  2. IE also has issues determining float positioning, so the sticky note has a few IE-specific lines to keep it from shooting through the top of the body.
  3. Transparent PNGs have never worked correctly in IE6, and the hack to “fix” the issue severely distorts affected images.