Drawing Basics – Week 2

I recently started a novice-level drawing class with the goal of sucking less. Note the subtle distinction here; I’m not trying to get good at drawing, just less horrible. This allows me to preserve my self-esteem despite everything looking like the Fail Whale… that ironically I can’t draw, either.

I’m taking this class with Erica, who decided to cheat by taking four years to preemptively get a BACHELORS in freaking ART. Good thing, too, because it would have been much harder for her to be an art TEACHER without that background. Whatever. It basically goes like this**:

Erica: Good job, Preston!
Preston: (Proudly) Thanks! What’s…that.
Erica: Oh this? It’s supposed to be a 19th-century steel teapot on a French patio in January. But it looks more like February.
Preston: …
Erica: …
Preston: I hate you.

(**May not have actually happened.)

Anyway, here are my second attempts at drawing bottles.. and stuff. I’m happy to report that these suck less than week one! Mission accomplished.