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Thanks, KindleTools Users!

Kindle 2 with M-Edge Leather Platform Jacket and optional e-Luminator 2 book light.

I just wanted to shout out a quick “thanks” to the thousands of Kindle fans that have used the Kindle Tools website to find the PIDs for their Kindle devices. I’m aware that the site doesn’t fully support all models and variations of Kindle hardware devices and software applications, but I am supporting the site and hope to do so one day. The public-facing portion of the site is super easy to use and I never expected it to generate the traffic that it does, especially considering it’s a “one-time use” kind of tool. It’s very encourage to periodically receive a package in the mail gifted by a grateful Kindle Tools user off my wishlist. I generally don’t reply but do get these tokens of apprecation and your support is VERY much appreciated.

Let’s all continue to support the Kindle community and, while simultaneously insisting on open standards, free data interchange, and the non-proprietary future of our data in the ebook domain. The last thing we want is non-interoperable ebooks, so make your voice heard!

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Your Kindle tools PID Generator doesn’t seem to work. I have tried it from various web sites and always get a message that Ruby Rails is incomplete. Is there a solution? Thanks, I appreciate your blogs. Jim


Ruh roh.. looks like something definitely has gone wrong. Thanks for the note.. will take a look now.

The KindleTools PID finder tool is now back online! Sorry about the downtime… a few of the larger system subcomponents were outdated and needed major love to get back online.

kindle tools seems to be down again. i really really want to give it a go.

I updated/upgraded a bunch of broken dependencies this weekend. Tool tool should be back online now!

has the kindletools gone down permanently?

This site can’t be reached’s server IP address could not be found.


Would love to find out the PID for my new device..any advice on how would be most useful ( can email em at if thats convenient) . I used it before and it was so quick and easy! Many thanks! Tanya

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