ASU Faculty Parking Fun Facts

It’s the first day of class at the ASU Polytechnic campus in the East Phoenix valley, and I’m illegally parked without a permit. Some fun facts for you:
  1. A single-course, single-semester adjunct position for the 2010 year pays approximately $6K, before taxes. (Thus, around $12K pre-tax for the academic year.)
  2. An annual faculty and staff “Red Lot” pass costs $480 out of pocket. Everyone allegedly pays for these out of pocket either up front or automatic payroll deduction, though I know this to be false in some cases. These passes are “…[a]vailable only to faculty and staff. Some covered spaces available in red lots on a first-come, first-served basis.”
  3. Ergo, a part-time adjunct (such as myself) can expect to pay around 4% of their contract value just on the parking space.


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