2010 Arizona Citizens Clean Election Commission .PDF Downloads

Arizona Voters: A .pdf (70MB) version of the giant tree-wasting booklet published by the Citizens Clean Election Commission that you may have received in the mail–the one with little blurbs/statements on all the candidates–can be found here. Other currently relevant publications from the AZ CCDC can be found here.

General elections are just around the corner, so please forward this information to your Arizonan friends and encourage them to spend the 5 minutes to register to vote via the Service Arizona website.

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I got this in the mail today. First, thank you for posting it online. I can’t believe we still send out 124 page books in the mail. Second, i was wondering if you knew how much was spent sending these out? If you do, please shoot me an email. I would love to know.



…and in both English and Spanish no less.

Good question. I don’t know, though I did find this interesting blurb on the CCEC FAQ page.

The Citizens Clean Election Commission does not receive general fund money and is not appropriated funds by the legislature. The funding comes from a 10% surcharge on criminal fines and civil penalties as well as donations . In 1988 the Arizona Attorney General issued an opinion stating that “if payment is authorized to be made only from a special fund that is limited” the appropriation would be valid. Ariz.Op.Atty.Gen. No. I88‐075. Therefore funds from the Clean Elections Commission will still be available and candidates will be fully funded.

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