10 Woes Of Small Business Ownership

  1. You work more than anyone else.
  2. You cannot take time off at leisure.
  3. You carry constant stress.
  4. You get paid less.
  5. You get paid last.
  6. You pay for other peoples taxes and benefits.
  7. You always deal with the “problem” cases, not the fun ones.
  8. You are asked for more-more-more, often by those who already have more than you.
  9. Your sacrifices will not be recognized, and rarely noticed.
  10. You will not be thanked for all of the above.

4 replies on “10 Woes Of Small Business Ownership”

I’ve dealt with all this. It’s all true.

There are also upsides & intangibles with value / merit.

You have to ask yourself, am I better off overall, considering the pluses & minuses, than I would be at a 9-5 desk job?

If yes, congratulations, you have found your niche / calling as a successful small business owner.

If not, time to go back to the corporate grind.

There are definitely lots of great benefits, too, such as self-satisfaction and ability to decide your own path. I just wish all these “entrepreneurship” conferences would talk about the day-to-day realities of building business and less on flowery inspirational messages.

Good points Preston – although you probably need to end the list with the reason why you do it in the first place – you (a) either put higher value to the expected future financial payoff (either via higher median returns or expect a large payoff on the right tail) than risk neutral probability will put or/and (b) you do it because the 8-7 job does not fit your psychological profile.

I congratulate you on the risk-taking capability and hope you get high returns on both (a) & (b) above.

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