Rails attachment_fu/Kropper Scaling Fix: attachment_fu_skip_resize

I recently integrated Kropper into a custom RoR application for OpenRain affiliate img surf. A fundamental flaw in the upload-save-crop-save process used by Kropper is that attachment_fu automatically scales down the image on first save to :resize_to dimensions. After the subsequent crop–which may result in a significant drop in resolution–the image is scaled back up to :resize_to dimensions: an ugly lossy operation.

The attachment_fu_skip_resize plugin gives attachment_fu the ability to temporarily bypass resizing of the full-size original image, thus allowing your final cropped photos to be of the highest quality as possible.

  1. Install the plugin.
  2. In your attachment_fu image class, add..
    attr_accessor :skip_resize
  3. Any time you want to save an image without invoking resizing on the original image..
    image.skip_resize = true

    Thumbnails will be generated at their defined resolutions regardless of the skip_resize flag.

8 replies on “Rails attachment_fu/Kropper Scaling Fix: attachment_fu_skip_resize”

Hey. The Kropper is very KOOL…and I was hoping to give your plugin a try but the svn link is dead. Could you please update the link? Thanks in advance.

Ahh… We moved the repository a couple months ago. The new repository is..

The plugin hasn’t been updated in a while though.. please let us know if the current version works against the latest attachment_fu code. It’s a monkeypatch-based solution, so there is always the risk of breakage as attachment_fu evolves.

I’m starting out on Rails, using Rails 2, after 25 years of database/c/delphi programming.

Kropper, with your scaling fix (thanks!) would be ideal for my first real website (for an artist friend), but I can’t work out how to adapt Kropper-for-Rails-1 to work with Rails 2.

Can anyone help with a few pointers?


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