Get Your Kindle’s PID In 10 Seconds

Rather than struggling with a bunch of old command-line scripts to calculate the Personal ID (PID) of your shiny new Amazon Kindle, I’ve released a super-freakin’-easy webapp to do it for you in a matter of seconds. No joke.

Simply visit, follow the instructions, and be sure to gift me a short novel to say “thanks”. 🙂

Update: See Jer’s post on the bigger process of converting Kindle books.

58 replies on “Get Your Kindle’s PID In 10 Seconds”

The link is no longer valid. I had used it in the past and it was WONDERFUL. Any chance you can convert my serial number to PID?
Please 🙂

Should be back up now. 🙂 Note that this is for older devices only. I don’t have the newer ones and people have reported in the comments that it doesn’t work for newer stuff.

Yeah, in the process of switching hosting companies.. will have it back up as soon as possible.

Dear Preston,

It’s down again.

It reports: “Hmm. A Server error occurred. Please report the following error.”

All the best and thanks from a snowy NW Italy.


I am unable to get in the Bittorious site, for some reason. Do you have a different link?

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