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Mass Effect: Holy Freaking Crap

picture-7.pngI figured I’d have some “me” time this weekend, so I picked up a copy of the highly praised Mass Effect. Saying it’s good is obvious; awesome is an understatement. Groin-grabbingly enthralling, genre-shattering entertainment is somewhere in the neighborhood. We’re talking a contender for best video game ever here. So if you’re last minute Christmas shopping for a 360 owner (possibly yourself), I can’t recommend Mass Effect highly enough.

The gameplay itself is difficult to describe. Take the fun parts of leveling, storyline, voice acting and small squad combat RPG elements from Baldur’s Gate, the pace, feel and vehicle action of a FPS squad combat shooter, and drop that into an incredibly rich sci-fi backdrop of a Star Trek episode. Awesome sauce!

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So I was going to pick up mass effect last week, but then I was at my friends place and he had Gears of War. I hadn’t played it yet, heard it was good and short, it was free if I borrowed it, and I didn’t have to go to the game store. I finished it today. Sounds like I should’ve stuck to my guns and gotten mass effect. If there are any stores open tomorrow, I’m going to get it for sure.

GoW is great; definitely one of the best 360 FPS titles. Co-op is a blast — I wish Mass Effect had that — but not a lot of replay value for me.. and I get whomped so hard online when trying deathmatches I haven’t really touched the disk since beating it.

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