Spring 2011 ASU Webapp Course

In Spring 2011, the College of Technology and Innovation at the ASU Polytechnic campus will again be offering CST 533/494: Database-Centric Enterprise Application Development. The calendar is not yet out, but should soon be listed as a Thursday evening class: one night per week for the Spring semester. The course will be available at both undergraduate and graduate levels for 3 credit hours.
The course essentially teaches dynamic web application architecture concepts and development processes using Ruby (w/Rails), Java (w/Spring, Eclipse, and Tomcat), SQLite, MySQL, and other industry favorite technologies as a means to the learning process.
  • New technologists: If you’re looking for training and experience in this area, definitely check out the ASU Polytechnic campus.
  • Old hats: If you are an “old hat” software engineer just looking for the credit hours, this may provide a fun, project-oriented opportunity towards working on your degree.
  • Companies: I am always on the lookout for opportunities to expose students to industry perspectives. If you’re interested in any sort of corporate sponsorship or collaboration, please contact me directly.

MakerBot Thing-o-Matic Pre-Order

I’m super excited to have just pre-ordered a Thing-o-Matic from MakerBot Industries. It’s a fully automatic 3D printer (aka CNC rapid prototyper) that can also be outfitted with different material nosels (aka extruders) to draw in 2D, print designs for circuit board, and even dispense frosting and peanut butter. (Not joking.) Here’s a great example of what you can do with it. (Skip to 3:00 for the cool stuff.)

Here’s another video of the machine printing parts for copies of RepRap Mendel, another F/OSS CNC RP machine design:

This is a new model that won’t ship won’t ship until November 2010, unfortunately, but I’m sure it’ll take a while to get some cool designs done, anyway. The idea here is that if anyone else would like their own desktop 3D printer (RepRap, CupCake, Thing-o-Matic or other F/OSS design), you’ll be able to print about 50% of the parts for it on this original “parent” machine and order your own electronics and other assembly hardware online.  🙂

*Giddy with excitement.*


ASU Faculty Parking Fun Facts

It’s the first day of class at the ASU Polytechnic campus in the East Phoenix valley, and I’m illegally parked without a permit. Some fun facts for you:
  1. A single-course, single-semester adjunct position for the 2010 year pays approximately $6K, before taxes. (Thus, around $12K pre-tax for the academic year.)
  2. An annual faculty and staff “Red Lot” pass costs $480 out of pocket. Everyone allegedly pays for these out of pocket either up front or automatic payroll deduction, though I know this to be false in some cases. These passes are “…[a]vailable only to faculty and staff. Some covered spaces available in red lots on a first-come, first-served basis.”
  3. Ergo, a part-time adjunct (such as myself) can expect to pay around 4% of their contract value just on the parking space.



3D OSX Applications With Ruby-Processing Screencast

A two-part screencast series demonstating two different 3D ruby-processing applications. A slide presentation from 2009 created for the Phoenix Ruby Group is also attached as bonus material. Enjoy!

Part 1: Starfield

Demo of a 3D starfield simulation written in pure Ruby, running on the JRuby runtime as a nicely packaged .app program for Mac OS X. (Runs on Snow Leopard and Leopard.)

Part 2: Twiverse

3D Twitter client written in pure Ruby, running on the JRuby runtime as a nicely packaged .app program for Mac OS X. (Runs on Snow Leopard and Leopard.)

Slide Show


Free Copy Of Portal With New Mac Steam Client

Got a Mac? Like games? Great news! Value’s “Steam” software finally launched for Mac, allowing you to purchase some great gaming titles on your OS X machine. When a game is available on multiple platforms, a purchased license appear to be portable as well. And as a launch promotion, Value is giving away free copies of “Portal” (an awesome title in its own right) through May 24th, 2010. Grab it!


Desert Code Camp 2009 Session Materials

Thanks for the love this past weekend at Desert Code Camp! Here are the presentation materials used in both my sessions…


Running A Small Business, In Three Words

  1. Relentless.
  2. Dehabilitating.
  3. Stress.

Captain Preston McAwesome Lee

Right now, in an alternate quantum reality, I’m laughing my ass off…



10 Woes Of Small Business Ownership

  1. You work more than anyone else.
  2. You cannot take time off at leisure.
  3. You carry constant stress.
  4. You get paid less.
  5. You get paid last.
  6. You pay for other peoples taxes and benefits.
  7. You always deal with the “problem” cases, not the fun ones.
  8. You are asked for more-more-more, often by those who already have more than you.
  9. Your sacrifices will not be recognized, and rarely noticed.
  10. You will not be thanked for all of the above.

Presenting At Phoenix Ruby Monday, February 9th

I’ll be giving a technical presentation to the Phoenix Ruby User Group on Monday, February 9th at 6:30pm. The topic will be using logical programming Prolog concepts within the object-oriented Ruby programming language using the ruby_prolog gem. Attendance is free and open!