“My Videotag” Linkbucks WordPress Hack

FYI to all the WordPress fans.. If you recently noticed that your links are getting hijacked by URLs pointing to “linkbucks.com”, try deleting your my-videotag plugin. I found this nastiness somehow embedded in the source code:

$ find . -name ‘*.php’ |xargs grep -e linkbuck
./wp-content/plugins/my-videotag/my-videotag.php: return ‘<a href=”http://77aafbe6.linkbucks.com/url/’ . $matches[2] . ‘//’ . $matches[3] . ‘”‘ . $matches[1] . $matches[4] . ‘ target=”_blank”>’ . $matches[5] . ‘</a>’;

Ack! We’ll be deleting the my-videotag plugin now. 🙂

3 thoughts on ““My Videotag” Linkbucks WordPress Hack”

  1. Thanks for posting about this. I wondered where the linkbucks links were coming from. How unfortunate that the author ruined a great plugin.

  2. What do we do with all our [video][/video] tags?

    How do we get a new plugin with the same tags?

  3. Not sure. When I removed the plugin I just changed to a new way of linking.

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