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RailsConfMay 29-June 1, 2008Oregon Convention CenterPortland, ORhttp://www.railsconf.comGo! Registration Is Now Open for RailsConf 2008. Register Now, Save up to$100 and Secure Your Place.We're offering up to a $100 discount when you register before April 10,but since last year's conference sold out in less than three weeks, youshouldn't dally if you want to be in Portland, Oregon, May 29-June 1.Take no chances - register now at: is this conference so popular? It's "the" event for the growing RailsCommunity--the largest official gathering dedicated to everything Rails.Co-presented by Ruby Central and O'Reilly Media, RailsConf provides aninteractive meeting ground for the most innovative Rails experts andcompanies.Four jam-packed days of expert-led tutorials, enlightening sessions, andinspirational keynotes offer successful business models, developmentparadigms, and design strategies to enable mainstream businesses and newarrivals to the Web and Rails to make the most of this new generation ofservices and opportunities.Who's Going To Be There?Among the more than 1600 folks attending, you'll meet Rails and other webdevelopers--independent, startup, enterprise/corporate; open sourcedevelopers; IT managers; tech-savvy entrepreneurs looking to implementweb-based start-ups quickly; users at every level--new, power,intermediate, advanced, expert; others interested in web technologies andstrategic implementation.Hear, See, and Meet Rail's Most Innovative Developers and SuccessfulPractionersHere's a sample of the sessions you can attend:-"Design Patterns in Ruby" - Neal Ford (ThoughtWorks)-"Multi-Core Hysteria: FUD about CRUD?" - Andrea O.K. Wright (ChariotSolutions)-"10 Things I Hate About Web Apps" - Micah Martin (8th Light, Inc.)-"Advanced Active Record Techniques: Best Practice Refactoring" - ChadPytel (thoughtbot, inc.)-"Advanced RESTful Rails " - Ben Scofield (Viget Labs)-"Assembling Pages Last: Edge Caching, ESI & Rails " - Aaron Batalion(Hungry Machine LLC)-"Asynchronous Processing with Ruby on Rails" - Jonathan Dahl (SlantwiseDesign)-"CRUD Doesn't Have an 'S' in It: Managing Complex Searching in Rails" -Stephen Midgley ("Facebook Development and Performance with Rails" - Mike Mangino(Elevated Rails)-"Fast, Sexy, and Svelte: Our Kind of Rails Testing" - Dan Manges and ZakTamsen (ThoughtWorks)-"Surviving the Big Rewrite: Moving YELLOWPAGES.COM to Rails" - John Straw(YELLOWPAGES.COM)-"The Great Test Framework Dance-Off" - John Susser (Pivotal Labs)-"The Launch: Dos and Don'ts of Real Life Deploys" - Chris Wanstrath (ErrFree)-"The Profitable Programmer: Creating Successful Side Projects" - GeoffreyGrosenbach (Topfunky Corporation), Tom Preston-Warner (Powerset), ChrisWanstrath and PJ Hyett (Err Free), and Ben Curtis (Catch the Best)-"Using Git To Manage and Deploy Rails Apps" - Scott Chacon (Reactrix,Inc.)-"What To Do When Mongrel Stops Responding to Your Requests and RubyDoesn't Want To Tell You About It" - Philippe Hanrigou (ThoughtWorks)Tutorials Help You Master the Power of RailsTake advantage of collaborative learning and exploratory participationafforded by three-hour tutorials.-"CI for the Rails Guy (or Gal)" – Chad Wolley (Pivotal Labs)-"Design for Developers: A Hands-On Workshop" - Brian Hogan (NAPCS)-"Developer Testing Tricks" - Brian Takita (Pivotal Labs)-"Meta-Programming Ruby for Fun & Profit" - Neal Ford (ThoughtWorks)-"Powering AIR Applications with Rails" - Tony Hillerson (EffectiveUI)-"Refactoring Yours Rails Application" - Zach Dennis (Atomic Object)-"Hands-On Rapid Rails Development with Hobo" - Tom Locke and JamesGarlick (HoboCentral)Speakers are being confirmed daily, so stay on top of the program as itdevelops by signing up for the conference newsletter, at: the event, there will be ample opportunity for all participantsto connect, contribute, and collaborate. There's no better place to meetthe core Rails development team and hear about the latest developmentsstraight from the source.We hope to see you in Portland in May,RailsConf 2008 Conference TeamP.S. Register now--before the conference is sold out--and save up to $100,at:

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