Presenting Journeta At RubyConf 2008

I’m happy to report that my session proposal on the Journeta P2P library has been accepted by the RubyConf 2008 selection committee; I’ll be presenting sometime between November 6th-8th in Orlando, Florida. Awesomely also, fellow hardcore OpenRain‘r Marc Chung has been accepted to speak on Ruby2Ruby.

This ups the pressure for OpenRain and the community to release some mind-warping Journeta applications before the conference. If you’re planning on developing a swanky new application with Journeta, please ping me for possible collaboration and/or inclusion into the session. And I thought yesterday’s live demo was suicidal… 🙂

Slides: Ruby P2P Development With Journeta

Here (PDF , Keynote) are the slides from my Phoenix Ruby Users Group presentation yesterday on Ruby P2P Development with Journeta. Thanks a ton for the great audience. I’m extremely pleased that everyone seemed to “get it”, and even more so that the suicidal audience-interactive demo went well. Chris Matthieu has recorded the session for the Rubyology podcast, which will be available soon for free on iTunes and the web.

While you’re on iTunes, you can also grab #68: Marc‘s Ruby2Ruby presentation, as well as #48 given last year to the Phoenix Rails group on attachement_fu.

Presenting At September 2008 Phoenix Ruby Users Group

I’ll be presenting at the September 2008 Phoenix Ruby Users Group on Monday, September 8th, covering development of Ruby peer-to-peer applications using OpenRain‘s latest gem release, Journeta. Topics will include Ruby’s threading model, basic networking review, Journeta usage, and live demos. 6:30PM, here.

[Location Details] [PRUG Google Group]

See you there!