Bargain Of The Month: Apple + Adobe + HP + Crucial

If you qualify for an educator/student discounts from the Apple store and want a new machine, check out this crazy deal which I just did at OpenRain


  1. MacBook 2.4GHz White: $1300 – $100 .edu discount = $1200.
  2. iPod Touch 8GB: $300 – $300 MIR == $0.
  3. HP Photosmart C4480 All-In-One Scanner/Printer/Copier: $100 – $100 MIR = $0.
  4. Adobe Creative Suite 3 Web Premium: $1600 – $1300 IR = $300. (OMGWTFBYOB!!!)
  5. Crucial 2 x 2GB SODIMM RAM: $100


Total: $1600 + taxes and express shipping ~= $1800. That’s one helluva bargain for a great midrange laptop (w/4GB RAM mind you) and the powerhouse of Adobe CS3 alone. The iPod and scanner just add to the sweetness! Rock on!






Parallels Server Pricing: Redux

After a few grumpy emails between myself and our Account Manager, I’m happy to report that we have purchased the GA release and it’s working well. If you are using Parallels Server for internal development purposes and not for hosting, they will extend a more reasonable price per machine: $200 + $50/year maintenance. I think that’s a very reasonable price point for our usage, and am happy to pay it.

This likely has more to do with meeting end-of-Q2 sales quotas than attracting my dinky business, but regardless, a win is a win! Thanks!