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TGen News Dashboard Widget For Mac OS X


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The Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization focused on developing clinically relevant medical diagnostics and smarter treatments related to genomic profiling. I’ve had the pleasure of working with the institute for over a year on a project related to breast cancer, and thought I’d share a widget I wrote keep you up to date on TGen’s latest news items.

The TGen News: Dashboard Widget for Mac OS X v1.1 gives you an always up-to-date set of headlines, pulled straight from the TGen news feed.

If you enjoy this widget, please donate a few dollars to the TGen Foundation and do your part to support the many causes that TGen pursues. Enjoy!

From the TGen website:

At TGen, investigators are pushing the limits of cutting-edge research and technology to discover the genetic cause of disease. Experiments that were impossible and impractical only a few years ago are now conducted every day.

Discovery fuels TGen’s translational research and lies at the heart of our scientific investigations. TGen’s research divisions are designed to foster a wide range of genetic discoveries. These divisions draw heavily upon TGen’s scientific platforms to expedite findings. TGen’s labs are staffed by teams of researchers focused on making genomic discoveries in common diseases and disorders in the areas of oncology, neurogenomics and metabolic disease.

Note: This free product is provided by Preston Lee, and is neither officially endorsed nor supported by TGen.


Speaking Twice At ABLEconf: Saturday, September 20th, 2008

I’ll be giving two sessions this Saturday, September 20th, 2008 at ABLEconf: Arizona Business and Liberty Experience hosted at the University of Advancing Technology. The first will be a ~50 minute getting-started-with-ruby-on-rails type session aimed at developers similar to the one I’m giving this Wednesday for Joe Developer. The second will be a plug-heavy talk over how OpenRain does F/OSS-friendly web development in the commercial space using F/OSS software and tools, targeted for a business-minded crowd.

ABLEconf is a new event so I’m not sure what to expect, though I’d put my money on a lot of systems-level event content since much of the participation seems to be from local Linux groups.


Speaking At Joe Developer: Wednesday, September 17th, 2008

This Wednesday evening, OpenRain will be hosting and providing food for Phoenix’s East-valley Joe Developer group. I’ll be giving a getting-started-with-ruby-on-rails type demo, after which I’m sure there’ll be good conversation and fun. Attendance and food are free. Food will be hot at 6PM. [Venue] [Google Group]


Presenting Journeta At RubyConf 2008

I’m happy to report that my session proposal on the Journeta P2P library has been accepted by the RubyConf 2008 selection committee; I’ll be presenting sometime between November 6th-8th in Orlando, Florida. Awesomely also, fellow hardcore OpenRain‘r Marc Chung has been accepted to speak on Ruby2Ruby.

This ups the pressure for OpenRain and the community to release some mind-warping Journeta applications before the conference. If you’re planning on developing a swanky new application with Journeta, please ping me for possible collaboration and/or inclusion into the session. And I thought yesterday’s live demo was suicidal… 🙂

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Presenting At September 2008 Phoenix Ruby Users Group

I’ll be presenting at the September 2008 Phoenix Ruby Users Group on Monday, September 8th, covering development of Ruby peer-to-peer applications using OpenRain‘s latest gem release, Journeta. Topics will include Ruby’s threading model, basic networking review, Journeta usage, and live demos. 6:30PM, here.

[Location Details] [PRUG Google Group]

See you there!


OpenRain 1.0 Officially Launched w/New Logo & Blog!

Pretty much all of OpenRain’s Q2 internal efforts boil down to tomorrow’s open house: a massive milestone date where all our startupy HR, legal and infrastructure tasks are done, and we consider ourselves a properly running software development company under a new brand. OpenRain 1.0 is neither a product nor service, but a state-of-being which represents our transition from a-bunch-of-dudes-hacking-on-web-projects to a-bunch-of-dudes-hacking-on-web-projects-really-freaking-well. We’re kicking off this exciting new period with a catered open house tomorrow.

We’re also launching several new sites today. First is our main landing page,, updated with our new logo and color scheme. Second is, which we’ll be using for upcoming public event announcements, non-NDA’d project links and technical resource for our officially supported software.

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